Suzi M.

BIO: Suzi M writes for fun and occasionally profit. She has also been known to write under the names James Glass and Xircon.

Devil HornsWhile she is not dedicated to any one particular genre, her horror writings written under the name Suzi M have been popular, as have the Metatron Mysteries written under the name James Glass. 2014 is already shaping up to be a busy year with the release of several anthologies which include Suzi writing as both Suzi M and James Glass, so keep an eye out!


When not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs of people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers, and recently contributed copies of her books to Authors Supporting Our Troops.

You can follow Suzi on Twitter @xirconnia or join the Suzi M Facebook fan page at

Her Amazon Author page is at

You can also find Suzi as James Glass at

The James Glass Amazon Author page can be found here:


1795711_502975566481152_8864352687598250040_n               10308321_502594183185957_3274676640240374030_n

A special thank you to Suzi for her dedication and support for the Service Members of the National Training Center of Fort Irwin, CA. TRAIN THE FORCE!

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