Sheri Monica Nelson-Karikomi

Sheri Monica Nelson-Karikomi works from her home studio in Lancaster, CA, where she braids the real and the fantastic into a dreamcraft inspired by the strong10169430_700378973352191_3627604354623099090_n emotions of life around her and her drive to explore the curiosities hidden beneath the surface world. She works with an eclectic array of media, preferring pencil (graphite) watercolors, charcoal, china markers, ink, spray-paint, and acrylics. Over the years she has created her own recognized style identified by heavy contrast and flowing lines evocative of the air and water spirits within her. Some of her more memorable works includes such pieces as her feminine graphite rendition of the Cheshire Cat from American Magee’s Alice, the elegant gypsy in flowing scarves and rose, and self portrait of her inner dream child, reminiscent of “Pearl” from Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Sheri has worked with community projects, veterans’ benefits, and art academies as both a contributor and art instructor, applying her talents toward her career in art therapy and intervention.

Contact Sheri at the following :

LoveFierce at

zen.hippie at

Preview more of Sheri’s work here.


185795_1896735257658_4060289_n       1897990_681769845213104_682178958_n5255_1213215890101_5394384_n6335_1230644045794_6975112_n5255_1213197489641_675527_n     5255_1214013670045_6641724_n12903_4791268339176_643503973_n599722_4165368172063_1019535172_n5255_1213201209734_6639536_n1979867_10203476004400327_1367643526_n1009859_10203381738763745_617376223_n

1 Response to Sheri Monica Nelson-Karikomi

  1. Neil says:

    These pieces are quite amazing, creative and engaging.

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