On 21 May 2014, at 1300hours, a package arrived at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, CA. What the Soldiers found inside that box would forever leave them haunted and hyper-vigilant throughout the starless desert nights…


Some days, horror makes you feel good inside. I love that we get to provide a bit of escape and fun for these guys”                 ~Michael L. Wilson, Pres. Permuted Press



20140618_13422620140618_134254 20140618_134259



To Mr. Wilson and the Team at Permuted Press:

We cannot thank you enough. For we few, those sentenced to an island in the middle of the desert and far from civilization, you have given us a rare freedom, an escape like no other. In this theater, that is a precious commodity. Thank you again and you will always have a place on our team here in the Mojave!

SFC Nelson
Scorpion 03-Chuck, “Hemingway”



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