Welcome to my new site.  I go back and forth with titles because it’s so easy to get creative, but I think I’m going to keep Author CS Nelson for now.

If you’ve ever been to the old address at, you’ll notice I’ve added a few pages. The biggest change is that I’m sharing space with another writer for the moment, at least until she has time to set up her own site.  I opened the menu to encompass art and music, and my intent here is to feature artists and musicians for literary expansion. How great would it be to have a non-virtual release party for both a writer and the cover artist with a live ska band? Ministry of Pages is in support of my writer friends who donate their books to service members and are added to the U.S. Army Library Registry, a great program for both PR and our troops. And finally, I’m migrating my reviews to this site so I can keep them all together as well as allowing me to connect the reviews to the sales sites and the writer’s page.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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